The Return of Black Adam

Superman is my favorite superhero, so it tends to be that I watch as much Superman related things that I can and it just happened to be that I came across the, short, but good episode of Superman Shazam: The Return of Black Adam in 1080p.

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s quite the short film, or episode, if you will. Running at approximately 22 minutes it doesn’t offer much story or depth, but it does offer some interesting scenes in the superhero world and explains how the Wizard chose his suitor to get the powerful “Shazam” powers so to speak.

If you want a quick fix of Superman and some Shazam magic, you should definitely check this one out as it’s very good and short, kind of like a quickie, huh? Why waste precious time?

Black Adam is a white guy. A powerful one I might add.


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