UFC 122 & WEC 52

This weekend was  filled with MMA for me as I saw both UFC 122 and WEC 52 right after another and as an MMA fan I am most satisfied. And next week my fix will continue with UFC 123 where my favorite Light Heavyweight is making his return to the octagon against Rampage.

UFC 122 began rather slow but quickly evovled into something interesting as soon as Soszysnski stepped in and delivered a rather entertaining fight. After that it was time for the German to fight in his homeland against the Brit Andre Winner and that fight was a quick and eventful one. Marquardt vs. Okami was a very interesting fight but not because of the fighters, but because of UFC. The winner of this fight will get a title shot at the winner of Belfort vs. Silva and after a slow first round the pace and excitement rose quickly. However that momentum was lost in round 3 and Okami wins by decision and will get the title shot.

But overall UFC continues to deliver rather poor events with UFC 122 having mostly decisions and rather dull fights that weren’t too explosive or eventful. It’s a shame to see that UFC is in a downslope like this but hopefully they’ll get out if it very soon because they need it.

WEC on the other hand has never had a boring event. Unbelievable, I know. WEC 52 continues that legacy and does not disappoint. Less decisions, more submissions and TKO:s. Awesome. The insane pace of WEC continues here for a fantastic event and the main event with Faber was fantastic just like ALL the other fights as well. If you are only going to watch one of these events there is no doubt that WEC is the one to watch as it outclasses UFC in every single fight that was put on. Great stuff.

Also in case you missed it, UFC is merging with WEC bringing the lighter divisions into UFC to make it one giant ultimate brand name within MMA. Henderson vs. Edgar? Sounds too good to be true, I know. I cannot wait for the first WEC <-> UFC fights to happen under the UFC name.

The best MMA in the world?


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