Ipad more powerful than Wii

People who know me, know that I love to mock the Wii for its poor performance and crappy lineup in terms of quality gaming. So when John Carmack came out and said that the Ipad and Ios are more powerful than the Wii, I laughed pretty hard.

But let’s be honest, no statement without solid evidence is good enough. Fortunately, we have that evidence right in the App Store. It’s called Rage HD and is available for Ipad and Iphone 4/Ipod with retina display. There’s also an SD version available for older Ios devices for a cheaper price that do not utilize the retina display.

So is Rage HD really that good-looking? The answer is yes. Rage HD is one sexy game and it definitely beats all Wii games I’ve seen when it comes to smooth and crisp graphics. And that’s impressive for something you can put in your pocket and bring on the train/plane/car etc. Once again Wii has become a fun object to mock. Even after four years.

Yes, it does look this good in-game.


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