Robin Hood (2010)

I am on a movie-spree, and I have to make up for some great movies that I missed, and yes, Robin Hood is one of those good ones.

One of my favorite actors, Russel Crowe takes on the roll as the protagonist and as always, delivers. This is a more serious look on the story of Robin Longstride and before he moved to Compton and became Robin Hood. Sorry, that was a terrible and cheap joke, I know. But I had to. It was slightly amusing at least, no?

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a prequel to Robin Hood, so really the movie should be called Robin Longstride, but due to the average intelligence quota of most people, I guess they had to name it Robin Hood because otherwise they would lose a lot of money. Anyway, the story is told in a very mature and interesting way and takes us through Robins childhood and his time under Richard Lionheart as a crusader and then later on when he finishes his services and moves on to other things.

Everything in this movie from the picture quality, characters, and story is fantastic. I had very high expectations for this movie and I am very glad to say that it lived up to all of them. I did however expect a little more humor but I guess that’ll come in the sequel. This was supposed to be a serious and mature take on Robin Longstride and it was exactly that. If you appreciate the good old days – or like me, think you should have been born then, look no further than this movie. It will deliver entertainment through and through.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Robin Longstride is the best archer around.


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