Desperate Escape

After seeing Resident Evil: Afterlife I got the urge to play Resident Evil 5 again. However, I already finished that game around five times, so for this playthrough I decided to play the “new” downloadable content Desperate Escape.

Since the game itself received a masterful rating of 10/10, it was only natural for me to expect the same high class from the DLC. I am very glad to say that Desperate Escape delivered same quality and great challenge (played it through on Veteran difficulty).  Clocking in at three hours of actual game time (much higher in real life) it gives you a lot of value for the small price of 400 microsoft points.

Desperate Escape, as the name suggests, focuses on Jill Valentine’s escape from the temple where we first fought Wesker. She gets the assistance of Josh that we run into during the main story and he acts as your co-op partner. If you liked the main game you will undoubtedly like this DLC. It delivers more of the same but new for a fair price tag. Just what DLC should do.  Maybe I will check out the other DLC; Lost in Nightmares, too.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Jill and Josh team-up for an extraordinary DLC adventure.


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