UFC 124

Yeah, that’s right Montreal, I’m gonna beat St-Pierre. How about that?

Those are the words of number one contender Josh Koscheck. Koscheck also happens to be my favorite welterweight in the UFC and current coach on The Ultimate Fighter where he is coaching against St-Pierre.

MMA fans will know that St-Pierre already holds a victory over Koscheck and that was a long time ago. A time where Koscheck was mostly a wrestler and was shocked by St-Pierre’s superior wrestling. Now however, Koscheck has evolved to a true mixed-martial artist with excellent standup and even better wrestling skills. And this time Koscheck will be prepared for St-Pierre’s wrestling as well.

However, Koscheck and St-Pierre are fighting right now as well. Well, sort of. If you follow my blog, or MMA, you know that Koscheck is coaching versus St-Pierre and St-Pierre is dominating with his team and Koscheck is very, very frustrade to say the least. This ultimate fighter season has to be one of the absolute better ones according to me, even though the Rampage vs. Evans one will forever be a classic in my eyes.  Anyway, the rivalry between GSP and Koscheck has been built up very nicely and I love events with this much hate.

Unfortunately UFC 124 only has one other interesting apart from the main event, according to me, of course. And that is the fight of Thiago Alves versus John Howard. But the main event should be so good that it’ll make up for the lack of other great fights, but then again, underdogs and randoms have surprised me before and it might as well happen again.

And just to add to the hype even more – this event got the best trailer of all the UFC trailers they have ever released.


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