Black Death

Yet another great movie passes through my eyes into my brain and this time it’s none less than Black Death the one that came out 2010, of course.

I perfectly understand if you’ve never heard of it. Afterall, it has got no triple A actors by modern teen-standards these days, but according to me, it does have one: Sean Bean.

Black Death takes place roughly six hundred years ago. You know, those wonderful years where everyone rode horses and had cool chainmails and swords? Yes, those lovely times where I should have been born.

It is set during the first breakout of the plague in England and one village seems to have been spared and rumors about a necromancer keeping the village safe from the plague and all around. A group of knights and a monk are sent to investigate why that is, as the last group never returned.

With a great setting, story and interesting story Black Death is a great movie in my eyes and I strongly recommend it to anyone that fancies movies about the past like I do.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Sean Bean is masterful as always.


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