Ultimate Fighter Finale

It is finally time for the Ultimate Fighter finale and even though we will not get to see St-Pierre versus Koscheck quite yet, it was an extremely interesting event that is a must for every MMA fanatic.

Phan versus Garcia is the first featherweight fight in UFC history and it was an extremely entertaining one as well. Although Phan did not win the Ultimate Fighter contest he showed that he deserves a spot in the UFC and at this event he showed that he can deliver against professional fighters and do it in an entertaining fashion. Garcia, as always, extremely fast and outward delivered too and it was enough to take home a split-decision that the crowd did not feel he deserved, in fact, he himself gave Phan the victory as well.

Demian Maia versus Kendall Grove was said to be a grappler fest and it did show some nice ground game from Maia but also some solid striking as well. Maia however had Kendall on the ground for most of the fight and naturally earned himself a unianimous decision. The fight itself was quite interesting but nothing spectacular.

Stephan Bonnar versus Igor Pokrajac was an all-out brawl. Bonnar coming out imemdiately aggressive and offering excitement like the Garcia fight. Great standup and great ground game this bout was one of the absolute highlights from tonights event. Bonnar dominated the ground all three rounds and Igor got a point reducted for two illegal knees and Bonnar got one reducted for three hammerfists to the back of the head. However, it was no surprise that Bonnar got a well-earned decision victory.

Jonathan Brookins verus Michael Johnson was the main event!  Johnson came out dominating early with a lot of tagging and it was simply too much for Brookins in the first round.  The first round had to go to Johnson and he did an amazing job controlling Brookins. Second round Brookins gets an early takedown and does some nice work from the half-guard.  So going into the third round it is definitely 1-1 and this round would decide the winner. Brookins dominated the groundgame once again for most of the round even though it was more balanced than the second, it was still Brookins show the third round.  No surprise here, he won by unanimous decision and became the ultimate fighter!

Naturally these weren’t all the fights, the McKenzie fight was also a good one where he won via triangle choke (his signature) and keeps impressing with the power he has in those arms. I still hate his attitude though. I hope he gets to fight Koscheck one day and gets destroyed. Overall, the finale was a great event and I cannot wait for next weeks UFC 124.

Will Leonard Garcia ever put up a boring fight? I don’t think so.


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