Blizzard’s schedule leaked?

Note the “?” which of course implies that this list has not been confirmed by Blizzard, and never will be, because that would be marketing suicide.

Let’s get the uninteresting things out of the way first. World of Warcraft will receive two more expansions, yes, that’s an additional two to Cataclysm. Surprising, but at the same time not. The game is now more popular than ever with Cataclysm and it’s only natural for Blizzard to continue their support with new content. Expansion number four is scheduled for Q2 2012 and expansion number five for Q4 2013. There are also plans for a World of Warcraft Movie that is planned for Q4 2012

The best RTS in history, Starcraft II,  is not forgotten, but nothing really surprising here as the expansion packs have been announced long time ago and they will be released Q4 2011 and Q1 2013. So that’s one expansion pack per two years, rather interesting as I expect the mainstream support from Starcraft II to die out before that. However, as we all know, it’s the Koreans that keep the game alive and the previous game was alive for over 10 years with only one expansion, so I believe that one expansion per two years will be a genius move by Blizzard.

And now to the grand finale, Diablo III, a game that I have been waiting for since I was 12. The game is scheduled to be released in Q4 of 2011. That’s two quarters later than I have predicted and we’ll see if that rings true. A very good and pleasant surprise is that there are currently two expansions scheduled for Diablo III and not only one like there was for Diablo II. The first one will hit Q2 in 2013, so approximately two years after release. The second one will almost be a two-year wait and is scheduled for Q4 in 2013. I believe in this formula since Blizzard are famous for destroying their games with expansions and having Diablo III masterful for two years is solid and then just downhill from there every two years is acceptable. At least now I know what to expect from Blizzy Blizz.

But wait, there’s more! Remember that brand new IP that Blizzard has been teasing us with? All we know is that it’s suppose to be an MMO? Well, according to the data I have received it is called Titan and is scheduled for Q4 2013 and will be an MMO-FPS. If that isn’t hot, I don’t know what is. Nothing more is known about that so it’s really pointless to speculate. Interesting fact is that Titan would be released one quarter after the first expansion to Diablo III and at the same time as World of Warcraft’s last expansion. It sounds pretty stupid to be honest, and kind of removes from the credibility of this so called “leak”.

Well, there you have it folks, some incredibly juicy news for Blizzard and gaming fans around the world. I myself am very hyped about Titan and Diablo III.

This beast is responsible for my most memorable and exciting gaming memory.


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2 Responses to “Blizzard’s schedule leaked?”

  1. Richard Allen Says:

    interesting leak.

    • Martin Says:

      Yes, it will be highly interesting to see how accurate these dates are. Even if they are accurate to date, Blizzard are well-known for delays. Long ones, I might add.

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