UFC 124 (Spoilers)

UFC 124 is now over and I am happy to say that it was a great event. Thiago Alves looked sharper than ever, Struve once again finish his fight and we got to see some nice submissions and an interesting knockout.

But let’s all be honest, we all came for the main event, St-Pierre versus Koscheck. A lot of trash talking went into hyping this event from Koscheck and he did an excellent job in doing that. I was cheering for Koscheck, even though there’s no denying the dominance and superiority of St-Pierre. Just as I expected, St-Pierre won the match. Complete and total domination for five straight rounds and St-Pierre once again, gets another decision victory and defends his belt. He has officially cleaned out the division once he beats Jake Shields that is inline for the next title shot.

After the event Dana White said that the superfight between St-Pierre and Anderson Silva will happen and that of course, became the major talking point. It will be the fight of theĀ millennium. This is a fight I would pay an insane amount of money to see live and I hope it happens next year although that is highly unlikely as St-Pierre would have to gain quite a bit of muscle and that takes time.

The man all ladies want to sleep with, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre.

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