After 10 years, it’s over

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction still remains my all-time favorite game to this date. Even though World of Warcraft came very close to steal that number one spot, it failed at the arrival of The Burning Crusade where it was supposed to extend the life of the game and not cut it short. But a number two spot on my list is still darn impressive, but it’s not number one nevertheless.

I began my journey in Diablo’s universe at age 12. That’s more than 10 years ago, and I still play the game today. Well, it’s not like I have been playing Diablo II continually throughout, that’d be a lie. I played it nonstop from 2000 to 2004 and in between there was a lot of Counter-Strike thrown in there for weeks and even months at times. And in 2005 I began playing World of Warcraft and didn’t touch Diablo II at all until spring 2007. So that’s almost a three-year break right there. Then during the spring I only played it for roughly two months before I quit entirely again and didn’t touch the game until fall 2010. That’s another three year absence from the game, totaling almost six inactive years out of the game’s total 10. But like I said, it’s been on and off during these years and I’ve always been up-to-date. So what brought me back in 2010? Well, a new ladder reset, of course. And the fact that Starcraft II didn’t fulfill it’s destiny as a valid replacement until the launch of Diablo III. This is simply because  RTS is my weakest genre and I cannot compete on top level, so it’d be a waste of time to continue down that road.

So after a three-year break (again) from Diablo II and nothing else to game religiously, I heard about this new ladder reset and decided to give the game one last go with new people and a new ladder. It lasted roughly three and a half months. Not bad for a 10 year-old game. However, at this stage of age, Diablo II’s dying. Badly, I might add. Especially in the classic game (which is where I play). The population is incredibly low, and the people are incredibly stupid and there is no one for PvP it’s become a PvE game just like World of Warcraft. With a dying community like this, and the game’s unchanged flaws through 10 years that are still here, I am actually surprised I sticked with it for three months. I did have loads and loads of fun, I must admit. But now with the release of Cataclysm that small population became even smaller. It’s gone to a point where everyone knows everyone and there are no surprises left and until evening there’s nothing to do in the world anymore and hardly any people online. Sad, but understandable. The game is simply done.

Diablo III’s coming out next year. And so are many other great RPG:s that might compete with Diablo II’s legacy and place as number one of all time. Amongst them are giants like Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic. And with Diablo II feeling completely dead to me now (like when I took my previous three-years long breaks) I have decided to call it quits, although this time, permanently. After 10 years, it’s over. I will never return to Diablo II ever again. It’s time to move on and look for new adventures, especially with Diablo III being less than a year away. I see no point in wasting more time with the predecessor.  Goodbye, Diablo, you’ve been a wonderful friend, but never again shall we meet in Diablo II.

Guild Wars 2 is the number #2 contender for Diablo II’s throne next year.


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