Tron: Legacy 3D

Tron. One of my most hyped movies of the year. I finally saw it, in 3D. Did it live up to the hype? The answer is yes.

With Tron: Legacy seen, this leaves only one more movie this year for me before I can officially declare a winner for 2010. But enough of that, let’s get back to the movie at hand, Tron.

Tron delivers a unique movie experience in the sense that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Its story is unique and so is its theme. And they’re both spectacular.  There isn’t really much to say about Tron without spoiling it for people that don’t know what happens, so let me just cover the basics of the flick.

The actors are great. The special effects and detailing is superb. This movie delivers on every level and it does it extremely well. The story is truly engrossing and I was not bored for a single second. The 3D effects were fairly good although nothing spectacular or even close to impressive, but still passable. Like I said earlier, I had very high expectations and I am glad to say that the movie delivered and met my high requirements I had put out for it.

Tron: Legacy is one of the strongest contenders for movie of the year and a must-see for everyone that loves cinema and sci-fi. Tron might be mostly aimed for guys, but I still think that some girls will enjoy it even though they aren’t gamers or fans of sci-fi. It’s a fantastic world that they have created and I cannot wait to see in 1080p. I will pick the Blu-ray up immediately for a rewatch.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Dear Santa, I haven’t asked you for anything in a long time, but I really want this.

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