Infinity Blade

I never thought that the Iphone was capable of competing with a console in terms of horse power. I was wrong. Epic’s Unreal Engine proved me wrong with their newest game Infinity Blade.

If you thought that Rage HD was wicked sick for looking like a Wii game, then try Infinity Blade, it actually looks better than a Wii game. Therefore it goes without saying that my expectations for Infinity Blade were beyond realistic. I was expecting the same wow moments that Gears of War brought me, but unfortunately, Chair and Epic failed completely on the most important aspect of the game: gameplay.

I honestly thought that with the release Rage HD and Infinity Blade was the mark of a new era for Iphone games. We have the genius and brilliant shooter NOVA and the excellent fighter Street Fighter IV, and then add the other two games and the list is becoming incredibly impressive. So what’s wrong with Infinity Blade? One word sums up the whole thing: backtracking. Backtracking completely stops the game from being masterful and instead just makes it “good”.

The entire game is basically backtracking. Eight times. If you thought Capcom were lame for doing it once with DMC 4, well, you will hate Chair and Epic for this. Grinding the same areas over and over again for levels until your defeat the enemies with same repetitive gameplay over and over again with absolutely gorgeous graphics, that’s Infinity Blade for you. Unfortunately, that’s not what I consider a masterpiece but I would still recommend it to all my friends because of the initial wow factor when you see the graphics and it beats staring at people on the subway/bus.

Rating: 3 out of 5

The game looks even better than this on the Iphone 4’s retina display. I promise.

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