New Year

Well, 2010 has more or less come to an end. It was a special year filled with nice events for me, I graduated from college earning a Bachelor’s Degree, met some nice people and revelations. Will 2011 be as eventful?

The plans for 2011 are many and exciting. Amongst going back to school, they include some traveling and waiting on highly anticipated movies and games. During the summer I plan on visiting an old college friend in Las Vegas and have a crazy best time there.  A trip down to Los Angeles with him is also in the books so I’m quite certain it’ll be epic for the win.

Then we have killer movies coming out such as The Fighter, Thor, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. And on the gaming side there’s really only two major titles that I am truly awaiting. Titles such as Gears of War 3, Dead Space 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Mass Effect 3 are mere fillers for these games. Which two games are so powerful you ask? Naturally Diablo III and Guild Wars 2.

Happy new year to all my readers and I’ll be back next year with more blog posts than 2010!

Vegas, baby, Vegas! I’ll make “The Hangover” look like a Catholic church documentary.


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