Game of the Year 2010

Yet another year has come to an end and it is time to crown the winners. You all have seen it before, so instead of talking nonsense, find the list below.

Best Story: Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 continues to shine with excellence and delivers on their promise to have an epic space saga that feels connected throughout the three games. Your decisions from Mass Effect carry on in Mass Effect 2 just like your decisions in Mass Effect 2 will have consequences in Mass Effect 3. The connection between these games feels slightly surreal and is unlike anything seen in video games.

Best Multiplayer: Starcraft II 2.0 launched along with Starcraft II and completely killed every single competitor. The new allows for connection between all Blizzard games that will use it, as of right now, World of Warcraft and Starcraft II, but Diablo III will be added this year. Talk to your friends no matter what Blizzard game they play and enjoy superb matchmaking, custom games, ladders, leagues and tournaments that only is known to offer.

Best Graphics: Mass Effect 2

Sometimes when looking at Mass Effect 2 it’s impossible not to say WOW! The visual design that has gone into the future cities, buildings, ships, and environment is beyond belief and feels so alive and real. Mass Effect 2 offers stunning design combined with looks to deliver a complete knockout experience.

Best Fighting Game: Super Street Fighter IV

With pretty much no competition apart from the BlazBlue sequel, Street Fighter takes the number one place in the fighting genre. Does that mean the game is weak with no content? The contrary. Super Street Fighter IV expands Street Fighter IV with a ton of new content, fighters, improved online, and new features. It is everything the original game should have been and delivers countless of hours fighting online. A must-have for anyone that fancies fighting games.

Best Horror Game: Alan Wake

Though Alan Wake might be considered more of a psychological thriller rather than a horror game, it was still scary at times and definitely fits the genre. With impressive and innovative narrating that has not been seen before, Alan Wake impresses on many levels and is worthy of being the crowned champion of horror games in 2010.

Best Sports Game: EA Sports MMA

Forget FIFA or NHL, this year it’s all about MMA and EA does it right from the very first try. EA Sports MMA actually has the best feature that I have ever seen in a game and it goes by the name Live Broadcast. How would you like it if you could send in a hype-video of yourself and your fights and get picked to be broadcasted for the entire EA Sports MMA community with real life commators commenting your showcase match? Unreal? Well, in EA Sports MMA it’s a possibility. Undoubtedly the best feature to be implemented in a sports game.

Best Shooter Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops

Infinity Ward have been somewhat the favorites when it comes to the Call of Duty franchise these past years. Sure, they did create Modern Warfare and the, at the time, stunning game engine along with it. But Treyarch’s Call of Duty games have always been fun and enjoyable to me, and when I finished playing Black Ops, I immediately knew that this was the best Call of Duty game yet. With intense and constant action tangled with an interesting story and massive multiplayer, Black Ops is a complete shooter that deserves everyone’s attention and based on the sale figures, it has everyone’s attention already.

Best Strategy Game: Starcraft II

When Blizzard releases a new game it should be a global holiday. Yes, their games are that good. Therefore it is no surprise that Starcraft II is absolutely godlike and filled with an incredible amount of qualities and enjoyment. Starcraft II is actually the first and only RTS game that manages to have an interesting single player campaign that is worth playing through. But wait, there’s more! 2.0 is also included in this beast which makes Starcraft II the very definition of a complete game.

Best RPG: Mass Effect 2

With so many innovations listed earlier, along with being one of the most interactive game that exists out there, it is hard to crown another champion other than Mass Effect 2. After finishing it and playing other games, I could not help myself but to feel left out all the time in the decision making process, no longer feeling like it was me playing and being in control.

Best Family Game: Dance Central

I would be lying if I said that Dance Central was not behind some of my most memorable gaming moments of 2010. It is according to me, the perfect social party game that will make your nongamer friend come over more often and be gamers, and that is an achievement in its own. Could this be the new Rock Band/Guitar Hero?

Best DLC: Alan Wake

Alan Wake was brilliantly split up into episodes and made it feel like a TV show. Alan Wake’s downloadable content adds two additional episodes that are just as great as the core game itself and in fact expands the story even further. This of course means, that if you have finished Alan Wake, but not played the DLC, you actually do not know what happens after the end, hence in technical terms, you have not completed the game. Wow. That’s some psychological thriller stuff.

Best Game of 2010: Mass Effect 2

Looking at the list, it’s clear that one game dominates more than any other. With only really one flaw in my eyes, the reloading addition, Mass Effect 2 shines more than any other game and is more than worthy to claim my Game of the Year 2010 award. Congratulations to BioWare and EA.

The Mass Effect trilogy concludes in November this year with Mass Effect 3. Did you make the right decisions in Mass Effect 2?


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One Response to “Game of the Year 2010”

  1. CrazyBest Says:

    I have to admit, Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain completely changed the way I look at single player games now. Other games no longer feel like games, they feel like trailers. I have no influence, and it kind of sucks. Once again, cg BioWare.

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