Hands-on: Crysis 2 Multiplayer

Crysis 2 multiplayer beta is finally out exclusively on Xbox 360 and I have tasted its greatness. Crysis 2 multiplayer might just be the best FPS multiplayer on the console.

Crysis was a horrible game in my eyes that offered nothing exciting apart from “gorgeous” graphics. Crysis 2 also offers gorgeous graphics but along with solid, competitive, and entertaining multiplayer. The game is fast-paced and offers different class customization options combined with unlocks, upgrades and skill points. Everything we expect from AAA-titles such as Call of Duty? Indeed, it’s all here plus more.

Crysis is famous for its nano suit and fear not, the suit is still there in multiplayer and it is loads, and I mean loads, of fun. Making very high jumps or sprinting very faster are just a few of the nice tricks the suit can make you do. How about cloaking for a while? Or perhaps an even stronger and tougher armor is what you seek? The nano suit offers all that and more. Simply put: this game is amazing.

In fact, I can only find one complaint after having played the Crysis 2 multiplayer beta and that is the sound effects on some guns. They sound like soft air guns and nowhere remotely close to the real deal. Of course this does not apply to all the guns, the shotgun still sounds realistic, but the pistol and standard assault rifle are pure jokes when it comes to sounding big. Also somewhat the feeling when shooting some weapons does not satisfy my gun urges. I can’t help to wonder whether that’s because of the fact that this is a beta or because of the nano suit which is supposed to make you feel super-strong.

Crysis 2 is exceeding my expectations and that’s always a good thing. Needless to say, I will be picking up the game when it releases in March and you can expect to find me running and gunning on Xbox LIVE on launch day.

Crysis 2 takes the battle to the Big Apple – New York City. Sweet.


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