Bulletstorm impressions

People Can Fly, the developers of the highly entertaining and brilliant game Painkiller, are about to release their newest game, Bulletstorm. The demo is out and I have kicked and killed hundreds of enemies already.

Running on the Unreal Engine and being owned by Epic Games, there is no shock that Bulletstorm feels and looks a bit like Gears of War. Okay, maybe not feels, but certainly looks like. The design, art style, and graphical style are crystal clear trademarks from Unreal Engine the way it is used in Gears of War and Epic Games certainly showed People Can Fly how to use it in a good way.

What makes Bulletstorm stand out from the rest is the new Skill System. Depending on how creatively you kill your enemies, you will receive more or less skill points. Just emptying a clip on an enemy won’t net you any points. But if you kick that enemy into some spikes on the wall you will get extra points and rewards. Then what if you kick an enemy into the air and then get a headshot? Reward for that as well. Bulletstorm is a fast-paced FPS game with a lot of gore and explosions. It sounds very good, and trust me, it plays out very good as well. The demo was a blast and I am absolutely certain that the end product will not disappoint either.

Bulletstorm demo is available for Xbox LIVE gold members as of yesterday. Go download it. Now.

Bulletstorm feels badass like the first Gears of War felt.


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