What is Sony thinking?

Today Sony unveiled their next generation handheld console, or as some people like to call it, the PSP 2. But what were they thinking when they made it?

The Playstation Portable (PSP) lost heavily to the Nintendo DS handheld console. PSP was outsold by over 100 million units and that is no small loss. It’s humiliation by everyone’s standards and many wondered how Sony wound bounce back from this. Others wondered why they lost. Naturally there is no one right answer, but there are a few logic observations and current trends that one can look at. The first is the price. DS was cheaper and designed more stylishly for the mainstream audience including females. The DS had innovative features such as the touch screen that no other handheld console has had before whilst PSP had nothing innovative or exciting to offer. The DS had exclusive and specifically designed games for the console. PSP had ports from PSX and PS2 and only a few games made for the console. Also the PSP had piracy issues and game sales were horrible and discourage developers to release titles on it. Simply put: Sony approached with no innovations, too powerful hardware that no one cared about, few games built from ground-up for the console, and a high price.

Now if we look at the new PSP2 we can see the exact same scenario repeating itself. This new console is a beast from a technical standpoint. It has 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Touch screen,  Quad-core processor, powerful graphics, cameras, and slimmed down design. I can only imagine how high the price will be. I am absolutely certain that it will be no less that $399.99 or more. Even though all those features are impressive they have proven not to attract the biggest target audience at all. What seems to attract that market is innovation/new features and a cheaper price tag. So what does the Nintendo 3DS offer? Glasses free 3D technology.  Cameras, WiFi, and strong titles from day one. Not as much or “beastly” as the PSP2, but it comes with a $249.99 price tag that will only decrease. The glasses free 3D technology will undoubtedly be the biggest selling point for Nintendo as was the touch screen on the old DS. Why? Because it is new and something no other handheld consoles have done before and that is what people are attracted to.

So my question is: what is Sony thinking? When they again go for horsepower instead of innovation? I see no way of them walking out as the winner of the new generation of handheld consoles (3DS versus PSP2) with this strategy and philosophy. They will easily be outsold 2:1 and most likely even more. This of course, is unless they announce a shockingly low price of $249.99 or perhaps $299.99. Otherwise I honestly feel that they will lose the battle yet again and just as big as the last time. One would think that it’s obvious.

Picture of the brand new PSP2 below.


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One Response to “What is Sony thinking?”

  1. CrazyBest Says:

    Once again Sony enters the market with no innovation and highest price. I mean, all thos neat features as OLED, 3G, WiFi Touch screen are common in smartphones.

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