A Few Hours With Dead Space 2

Dead Space was a fantastic game and a sequel was inevitable. Finally the sequel has come with Dead Space 2 and the necromorphs are once again back and are spreading terror and horror across space.

Although my Dead Space 2 journey only just has begun, I cannot restrain myself from praising it. It’s simply that good. It might very well be the best horror game this generation. I am serious, it is that good.

This time I am playing the game on my PC with 5.1 surround sound system along with the beautiful resolution of 1920×1080 and boy does that make a huge difference, especially the speakers. I keep turning around all the time to see if anything’s behind me because of various sounds emitting from my back-left and back-right. Wicked mind games from EA with this game I tell ya.

Well, it’s time for me to return to space and continue this psychotic journey as Isaac Clarke. Expect a review later on when I am done.  No rush though, this will be a game I take my time with. It deserves it. Also, I bought the Ipad version of Dead Space and it’s fantastic as well. It looks better than any Wii game I have seen. If you don’t own a strong PC or Xbox 36o/PS3 you should definitely pick up Dead Space for the Ipad or Iphone.

Dead Space could emerge as one of the greatest horror franchises if EA play their cards right with Dead Space 2.


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