UFC 126: Summary (Spoilers)

Ladies and gentlemen, yet another great UFC event has come to an end and it was a delight to watch.

Not only did this event have three bouts that easily could have been main events themselves and these fights were on the preliminary card! Cerrone submitted Kelly for an impressive win and solid debut in UFC. Miguel Torres out-jabbed his opponent in a boring safe-counter matchup that caused Torres debut in UFC to be a huge disappointment. Forrest Griffin took Rich Franklin down to the ground to stay one point ahead of him every round and claimed a unanimous decision victory. Jon Jones completely dominated Ryan Bader in every possible area you can think of and got himself a title match, yes, he is next in line for Rua’s belt after Evans blew his knee out. Anderson Silva front-kick KO:d Vitor Belfort in the very first round and has now cleaned out his division.

Now to the interesting part: the superfight. What is the superfight you ask? Anderson Silva versus Georges St-Pierre, of course. That bout will happen if GSP goes victorious against Jake Shields in April. And that fight will happen this year according to Dana White. Again, if GSP manages to beat Jake Shields which shouldn’t be too much of a problem for this dominant welterweight. This bout would be historical and remembered forever and place itself in the history books immediately. Every MMA fan wants it to happen and if Jake Shields somehow beats GSP the fight will not happen and I think Shields will forever be known as the fighter that stopped the superfight from happening.

If GSP does this to Shields the superfight will most definitely happen.


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