Dead Space 2

Isaac Clarke returns but has not gone unharmed from the events that occurred in Dead Space. His mind has been seriously damaged and he is at a constant battle with his psyche.

Dead Space 2 takes us back to space yet another time and puts us in the shoes of Isaac Clarke. Only this time he knows how to talk and we get to see how he looks like. Also he has been left scarred from the first game. EA takes us back in space for a very dark tale and violent story.

Sequels mean better graphics and Dead Space 2 delivers just that. This game looks fantastic and runs very smoothly all the time. Even though you are in space the environments can be stunning and you can’t help yourself from stopping and admiring them. Running at 60 frames per second like clockwork it runs incredibly smooth.

One could argue that sound is the most important aspect of a horror game and Dead Space 2 uses the sound to scare you and set the mood exactly the way it is meant to. Playing Dead Space 2 with 5.1 surround sound speakers is more or less a requirement. Without it, you will miss some incredibly clever moments where the sound is the most frightening thing and without it, the game will feel less scary. Another new addition to Dead Space 2 in terms of sound is Isaac Clarke now speaks and does it well. Everything from curse words to arrogant comments fly out from his mouth by they do it in a fitting manner most of the time.

Although Dead Space was great there were room for improvement in terms of control and overall flow of the game. Dead Space 2 addresses all the known issues and makes them go away. The sequel plays faster and more smoothly in what results in a much more enjoyable gaming experience. New weapons have been added but they aren’t that special and the weapon I used the most was the classical plasma cutter and rifle beam. What can I say, I am old-fashioned.

If you allow it, Dead Space 2 can be one of the toughest games in the world. With the new hardcore mode your skills will be tested like in no other game. How does a total of three saves sound with no checkpoints? And yes, the enemies are tough as nails and ammunition and health are barely existent. Why can’t I wait until I can throw myself into that mode? Playing the game on anything under Normal is way too easy and not scary at all. Do yourself a favor and start off at either Normal or Zealot if you played the previous game.

Multiplayer is a must these days to get good ratings from me and it is existent here. I couldn’t help myself from getting Left 4 Dead vibes from it and though the multiplayer is nothing special or outstanding, it is enjoyable for several hours and is a nice addition that extends the games life for some time. Maybe some nice downloadable content will come out in the future that spices it up even more.

Closing Comments

Dead Space 2 is the best horror game this generation without competition. It feels, looks, and plays great and will have you jump off your seat numerous times. Sure, there might be one too many clichĂ© moments, but that does not prevent the game from being a masterpiece. If you haven’t already, do yourself a personal favor and purchase Dead Space and Dead Space 2. It’s about time you experience this generations most superior horror franchise.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Isaac is haunted by the events from Dead Space and it’s driving him mad.


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3 Responses to “Dead Space 2”

  1. Gil Says:

    Absolutinous! This is an amazing game and I’m STILL working through hardcore mode. my first save is at chapter 6 and I plan to use my next save on chapter 11. Unfortunately after 4 tries I’ve still failed miserably. I should get to my second save/checkpoint soon since I’m pretty versed in these midway chapters by now after the 4 attempts. I typically die from trying to do something other than the tried and true. I try to use telekinesis too often to throw objects. It’s usually these times that I slip up somehow and get pummeled. Of course getting pummeled in hardcore mode is pretty much getting hit twice. Yeah… br00tal.

  2. CrazyBest Says:

    It’s indeed a fantastic game mate!

  3. Alexandra Says:


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