UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch

It’s time for another UFC event and this time we have UFC 127 coming up where BJ Penn takes on Jon Fitch in order to determine the number one contender spot in the welterweight division. Exciting? Absolutely.

Why you should watch:

Because both BJ Penn and Jon Fitch are world-class fighters and this match will determine the number one contender in the welterweight division. Does that mean what you think it means? Yes, it would appear as if the winner is promised Georges St. Pierre/Jake Shields. What happens to the superfight? Good question.

Fight of the Night:

There is no doubt in my mind that the main event will be the fight that people grind their teeth to the most. BJ has exploded since his two losses to Edgar and I think Fitch will need to work hard to keep him in place. Expect this fight to end with either a submission or TKO.

Trash Talk Fight:

Jorge Rivera called out Michael Bisping and is now running a very entertaining trash talking campaign that will make him look like a complete fool should he lose convincingly against Bisping, which of course Bisping has promised will happen. If these both fighters stand up I think it will be an entertaining brawl even though Bisping lacks KO power.

Fitch will hope to go victorious against the legendary BJ Penn on Saturday.


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