People Can Fly show us what Gears of War could look like in FPS. That is, if it were to come out in like 2006.

Kill with skill. That’s the motto that Bulletstorm goes by and it claims that it is this what makes the game unique and interesting. While that is true for a an hour or two, it gets boring real fast and suddenly you find yourself just killing with a monotone trigger and occasionally using the innovative and mildly amusing skill system.

There is no secret that military shooters are the new hot thing within gaming and the shooter genre. There are countless military shooters with the same concept about terrorists and Epic Games wanted to walk a different path, hoping that it would make their new game standout and become a benchmark that sets new bars. It was a noble vision and a bold move that unfortunately wasn’t as great as they might have predicted.

Bulletstorm is a good game. It is running on the quickly aging Unreal Engine and it really doesn’t impress one graphically speaking but it does look good but like I said, not at all impressive. I can’t help to feel like Bullestorm is a game that should have come out 2006 when Unreal Engine was hot and the most stunning thing on the planet. There are several reasons to my feeling this way and I will cover them further down in the review. ¬†Fortunately, the game runs smoothly and the frame rate feels solid throughout even in the most explosive moments and when enemies are charging you in swarms.

You heard “Kill with Skill” but what does it mean? Well, according to Epic Games it means that you have to use your imagination when killing people and more specifically: the environment. Killing an enemy regularly will net your roughly 10 skill points. Getting a headshot will net you 25 skill points. Kicking them off a cliff will get you 50 points. Combining different ways with fire, lightning, kicks, and headshots will increase the skill points and every time you discover a new combination you get a first-time bonus. How does kicking a guy in the balls and then shooting his head off sound as a combo? Pretty awesome according to me.

The weapon arsenal in Bulletstorm is rather disappointing. It surprises me to say this considering they have a four-barreled shotgun and some interesting ideas and thoughts. But those ideas and weapons are extremely weak in comparison to the health these enemies have and feel really dull. You have to empty roughly ten bullets into the enemies head with a machine gun to get a headshot. Weird? Absolutely. And when up close with a four-barreled shotgun the enemies do not explode, they just fly back. You basically have to have the gun inside the enemy to get that effect and it is quite the flaw in my eyes that takes away a lot from the experience as you waste more ammunition in this game than any other shooter I have ever played. Enemies that take too much damage are no fun.

One innovative feature in Bulletstorm is the leash. Now this thing is not only kinky but also very entertaining. Flinging enemies towards you and electrocuting them is quite the thrill. There are many possibilities that are opened up with the leash and it does make the game feel special as no other shooter uses a tool like this. Without a doubt the leash is what makes Bulletstorm feel special and not the skill shots like it’s intended. You will also be using your boot quite often to kick enemies flying in the air in order to finish them off in different ways because your ammunition will be low most of the times as the enemies are way too hard-skinned.

Unfortunately the game feels a little bit outdated. There is no competitive multiplayer and no co-op. Are we back in 2005? One could feel that way playing Bulletstorm and it is unfortunate because the lack of these components severely lower the games overall quality and enjoyment as those components are vital these days. Instead of getting a competitive multiplayer which would have been hilarious with the leash and boot, we get a four player Wave mode where players work together to beat a score bar to pass and move on to the next wave. While this is fun for an hour or three, it just is not enough in 2011 to pass as a online component. Not even close.

As always with Epic Games, you can expect a macho cast with a lot of cursing. Some people hate it, some find it unnecessary and some love it. I belong to the latter, and I love it. I laughed several times throughout the story and it felt funny and cozy like an 80:s action movie – and there’s nothing wrong with that. One thing that this game lacks though, is a story that isn’t predictable. I could read the story like an open book and nothing surprised me and I predicted every single “shocking” event that unfolded itself. Also something that lowers the games overall quality.

Closing Comments

Despite having several weaknesses and being very short on basic features, Bulletstorm is still a good game that shooter fans will enjoy. I would even go as far as calling it Gears of War FPS. It is a fast-paced action-packed game that will have you killing thousands and thousands over and over again. Sure, it has flaws and lacks basic online components, but if you are looking for a single-player fix and want to experience the very beautiful and interesting world of Stygia, you should absolutely pick this baby up.

Rating: 7 out of 10

You’ll be doing a lot of kicking in Bulletstorm.


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