Three Hours With Dragon Age II

One of hottest games of the year is finally here, Dragon Age II. People, including myself, were skeptical towards the new attitude and vision that BioWare had for Dragon Age II but after spending three hours with it I cannot stop being amazed by its greatness and how much it has been improved from Dragon Age: Origins.

Dragon Age II is fast. It’s very fast. In fact, the combat is probably the fastest I have seen for an RPG game of this sort and that is a great thing. There have been several improvements made to the UI and I like them all for the better. Instead of only having “Evil” and “Good” choices you now have the “Humor” in the middle at times, and trust me, it is funny. Small things like that add up to an overall more enjoyable experience.

Well, it’s time for some more Dragon Age II and expect my review sometime this month. Maybe. I’ll take my sweet time with this game and if I don’t finish it before Crysis 2 comes out I have no idea when I’ll finish it.

There will be blood. And dragons.


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