PC Games – Most Anticipated

And here are my most anticipated PC Games including games that might not be released this year.

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

With Skyrim running on a brand new engine there is no doubt in my mind that it will be gorgeous and open up doors to future games from Bethesda. Fallout 4 etc., will look gorgeous on this engine but let’s not forget Skyrim that seems to have a focus on Dragons. Kind of like World of Warcraft has now and Dragon Age. Dragon season? Certainly appears so. Oblivion was great and this game is supposed to be bigger, better, and sexier in every possible aspect and to not be excited about this game would be foolish.

4. Rage

It could very well be the best looking game when it comes out and that’s an achievement like no other in my eyes. But Rage is not just looks, it has depth, gameplay and variety. Want to kill some mutant freaks all day or become a full time pro racer? Well, the choice is yours. Too bad they haven’t revealed anything about the multiplayer yet, but I am sure it’ll be on-par with the singleplayer. It’d be really fun if we could pick Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Racing as well to see who the better gamer truly is in two categories instead of just shooting.

3. Battlefield 3

It almost looks like a movie and that’s fucking epic. Finally we get a proper sequel to Battlefield 2 instead of 13 spin-offs and I cannot wait to kill some Muslim terrorists  in this baby. Iraq and Iran have become more unstable than ever before and it is up to us to bring peace to the Middle East by killing pretty much everyone. Oh yeah, the sound effects are ear-blowing. See what I did there?  My expectations for Battlefield 3? The greatest FPS ever created. Yup, that’s how high my expectations are for this one. DICE, do not let me down. I might even upgrade my PC for this.

2. Guild Wars 2

Can Guild Wars 2 be as great as they hype it up to be? I honestly don’t know what to answer on that one. They have only promised pure greatness and godlike features over and over again and if they can deliver about 50% of them this game should be a masterpiece. Hopefully they can deliver on all parts and make GW2 the best MMORPG in history of gaming, that’d be something. Only bad thing I can think of is the lack of factions, but hey, no game is perfect… or is it? And in case you didn’t know, Guild Wars 2 will be free to play. Jackpot.

1. Diablo III

There is no doubt that the sequel to what I still consider the greatest game of all times is number one on my list. You can probably expect me to vanish from the surface of the world once this game actually comes out. Let’s just hope that it’s 2011 and not like the new rumors pointing towards a 2012 release. Remember that old leak from Blizzard? Let’s hope that the calendar was right and that we can put our hands on this sexy thing this year instead of the next one. Because we all die in 2012 anyway, so what would be the point to release the game then? Blizzard should at least make our last year on Earth enjoyable.

Diablo’s back and he is really pissed off.


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