Firefox vs. Chrome

Firefox 4.0 is out and it has been called “the fastest browser” in the world. Of course this caught my interest, and as a previous veteran user of Firefox (used it for roughly eight years before I switched to Chrome for the past 1.5 years) I had to try the fox once again.

What caused my switch from Firefox to Chrome? Speed and design. Chrome’s design was superior until Firefox 4.0 came out and I simply couldn’t use Firefox anymore when Chrome looked so much better and was faster as well. Logically speaking, it was a no-brainer to switch browsers for the first time in eight years.

Now with Firefox looking good again and being incredibly fast, I will give my old favorite another go for a 14-day period and then decide whether I’m sticking with it or not. Thus far I am missing the built-in translate feature from Chrome and some minor things such as the multiple websites opening at the start and the Gmail checker plugin.

The Firefox is back on my computer monitor. But will he stay for another record-long eight years?


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