Fighting Games Stand Strong

I have always been a huge supporter of competitive gaming. And let’s face it, few other games offer better level of competition than fighting games. Those one on one fighting games with no excuses when losing. It wasn’t a shitty map, it wasn’t your shitty teammates, it was you. This generation is godlike for fighting fans and I decided to list a few of the upcoming fighting games that I desire the most:

Street Fighter X Tekken is coming out late this year or early 2012. It looks great and adding the two biggest franchises into one game is a brilliant move. I can’t wait to tag team with Ryu and King against my opponents online and locally.

Mortal Kombat is only one week away, and I will definitely give it a fair shot. It is the first Mortal Kombat game in many years that I actually look forward to as it promises to go back to its roots and also back to 2D. Expect to find me online performing fatalities several times.

Soulcalibur V isn’t even announced yet although a developer from the team has said Soulcalibur isn’t dead and we can expect something from it this year. Hopefully it’ll be the announcement of the games existence and since Soulcalibur IV has brought me some of the very best memories in fighting gaming history my hype for the fifth installment is record high.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is coming in June and will add three more fighters, improved Replays and balancing to all characters. I haven’t touched SSFIV in quite some time but that will quickly change when the Arcade Edition DLC is released. I have over 500 hours in Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV combined and I expect those 500 to surpass 600 easily now with this new DLC.

Also coming out is the next installment of UFC: Undisputed which might be good as they have been demanded by the UFC to introduce significant upgrades and new features and not just milk the franchise. Maybe EA Sports MMA 2 will come out as well? Who knows? Either way, it’ll be a good fighting season with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 also slated to come out.

Can Mortal Kombat be as fun as it once was? We’ll find out next week.


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