Battlefield 3

Every once in a while there comes a game that is so sexy and hot that it makes gamers hard in their pants. It’s rare, but these games do come out and when they do they are played with to death. One game like that is actually coming out this year and it’s none other than Battlefield 3.  Aww yeeah.

DICE and EA are going all-in with this product. How does $200 million sound for advertising it? It has been called “Call of Duty Killer” and it will go head to head with Activision’s biggest IP Call of Duty this Fall. Battlefield 3 looks hotter than any other shooter that I have seen. Ever. Did I say ever? It looks almost realistic at times and the sound effects make my ear orgasm. It’s that fucking good.

If you haven’t checked the trailers for Battlefield 3 yet, do yourself a personal favor and do so. I’ve linked them below.


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