Confirmed: Next Wii in 2012

Nintendo has recently announced that the new generation of consoles will debut in 2012 with the launch of the successor to Wii. The name has not yet been revealed nor anything official regarding the rumored touch screen, blu-ray, etc. Instead Nintendo went on to say, also like the rumors I posted earlier, it will be announced during this E3. Epic. Mindblowing. Phenomenal. Don’t miss E3 as it just became the greatest E3 since 2005.


Apparently it goes by code name Project Cafe and is rumored to launch as Nintendo Stream. Nintendo does not want it affiliated with Wii in any way as not to scare of the hardcore gamers that they lost previous generation with Wii. The name “Stream” also matches the rumors about the controller with the 6″ LCD-display that streams content to it. It certainly looks like this will put Xbox 360 and the PS3 to shame. But only if it dumps the idiotic friend codes.

Could this be “Project Cafe” AKA Stream?


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