Why I’m a PC

Apple is hotter than ever. No doubt. They are worth more in the stock market and their revenue and net income has surpassed Microsoft. They are the biggest tech company in the world. These are all facts. But when there are two sides – Windows/PC or Mac, there are often debates. I love debates. I love picking sides. And believe me, I’ve picked sides. My side? PC, no doubt in my mind. Here are a few reasons why:

Windows 7 is vastly superior to Snow Leopard in my eyes. The design and interface are perfections and it runs incredibly smoothly and I have never had and major complications. Sure, there are some smaller hiccups just as I have experienced on Snow Leopard, but in all honesty, their more frequent on the Macbook Pro.

Apple computers are vastly outdated in terms of BIOS and software availability. Sure, they just recently started to up the pace by introducing Sandy Bridge and the 6000 Mobile AMD GPU Series, but it’s not good enough when professional developers complain and get frustrated with them. I know what you’re saying. “Nobody buys a Mac to play games.” it very well could be true, and most likely is for the most part, but to me, I’d like that feature and therefore Windows 7 reigns supreme in my eyes again. Add to that every single piece of software you get you have to “make sure it works on Mac” whilst on PC you know it’ll just work. And I’m gonna be honest, there are plenty of software programs I use that are not available for Mac OSX.

Another major talking point is the pricing. I believe myself to have a keen eye for fair pricing and Apple does not hit the spot in the computer world. Iphone? Hell yeah. The most superior phone out there and the most fairly priced at just $199. No doubt. But when we talk computers their prices are flatout ridiculous and a joke. But that’s also one part that appeals to many because of their beautiful and superior design. People consider those products as luxury. But like I said, it’s a valid point to raise nevertheless. I myself would not buy a Mac right now because of the pricing.

Windows 8 is just around the corner and after the tremendous success that is Windows 7 I have no doubt in my mind that Windows 8 will completely destroy Mac OSX and Lion (their next Mac OSX).

But the bottom line is:

There’s nothing I can do on a Mac that I can’t do on a PC, but there’s one million things I can do on a PC that I can’t do on a Mac.

I’m very excited about Windows 8 next year and the launch of Windows App Store.


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