You know, a part of me misses the US a bit. After all, spending three years did have an impact on me. I’ve started playing NBA2K11 since basketball is huge over in the states and not so much here.

I’m glad to say that NBA2K11 is the best sports game I have ever played. Yup, it’s that good.

I’ve been gaming it with my friends now for several hours and we are always having a good time, even though we’re complete and total noobs at it right now. But we’ll get better, no doubt. What makes it so good? The depth, control, gameplay, and of course the LIVE UPDATES. I signed in today to play on Mother’s Day, and guess what? The commentator knew it was Mother’s Day and made comments about that. Plus it keeps live tracking on current and actual NBA matches and what day of the week it is so it truly feels alive and current, unlike FIFA that feels dead instantly when you put it on with terrible and slow “live updates”.

Congrats to 2K Sports for holding the crown as sports game masters.


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