Diablo III beta confirmed

Diablo fans can rejoice! Blizzard has confirmed that they’re shooting for a Q3 external beta of Diablo III. Wicked sick? Damn right.

Blizzard also said that they’re doing everything in their power to get the game out this year, instead of the previously rumored next year. But as always, Blizzard always take their time and never compromise quality to get a game out on time. That’s what there is no official release date and won’t be until the product is finished.

With the external beta being slated for Q3 this year, the game can’t be too far away from being finished. Maybe one month of beta testing and then another month or two of polishing and the game might come out around November/December. That would be the perfect Christmas gift, don’t y’all agree?


The beta will run throughout Q3. That means it will begin around June and end somewhere around September. Now, with the last few games that Blizzard had this pattern for, we saw a retail release between 2-3 months afterwards. Hype just went through the roof.

I will be applying for the Diablo III beta like there is no tomorrow.


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