Wrap-up: Microsoft E3

I didn’t have high expectations for Microsoft, as they have now “lost” more than two E3:s in my eyes, but I couldn’t help myself to believe and hope for something this time. But it just wasn’t enough for me.

  • Halo: Combat Evolved HD will be coming out remastered in HD with seven multiplayer maps. I don’t like Halo, so I couldn’t care less.
  • Halo 4 is coming Fall 2012 and Master Chief is back. Once again, nice for those that like Halo. I don’t.
  • Kinect dominates the timeline with numerous games such as Dance Central 2, Disney Land, Sesame Street, Kinect Sports Season 2, etc. etc. Kinect Star Wars looked horrible. Can they improve it?
  • Gears of War 3 goes Lost Planet with big enemies with yellow spots to shoot. Will it be as bad as Gears 2?
  • Tomb Raider is revealed and it looks fantastic. The best non-exclusive game shown at Microsoft’s conference.
  • Modern Warfare 3 looks intense but fails to truly impress.

Other than that there are some great games coming out such as Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and Rage. And many more. Too bad Microsoft’s exclusive dominance is over, but at least we had a good few years. Nintendo’s conference looks the most promising with their new console about to be revealed and I was hugely surprised Microsoft didn’t show Xbox 720 and Sony didn’t show PS4.

Microsoft E3 rating: 6 out of 10

The most impressive exclusive title during Microsoft’s conference. Disney Land Kinect. Looks great!


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One Response to “Wrap-up: Microsoft E3”

  1. CrazyBest Says:

    Nintendo’s will be up today as well!

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