Duke Nukem: Forever

After 14 years Duke Nukem: Forever is available to gamers. The game that has been somewhat of a joke and at the same time a legend. The game no one thought would ever be released but now it is. And I have had to fortune to spend some time with it.

Immediately when the game comes on Duke’s macho attitude is shown and I get the feeling that I am back in Dreamcast days. With other words, it feels very, very old and outdated. I didn’t expect the graphics to be good, but this is just ridiculous. The gameplay is off, buggy, slow, and just… old. It feels once again, like something that came out in the Dreamcast era. The AI is terrible and the sound effects are horrible. Not a good start for Duke.

But there is good in this terrible game. The humor is spot-on and Duke does what is expected from him. He charms the ladies, he is alpha, the gets laid and has a nice attitude. But unfortunately that doesn’t justify a $59.99 pricetag to be honest. No, Duke Nukem: Forever should have been released on Xbox LIVE Arcade for $19.99 instead and then it’d been fair and a fun thing. I am sure that this game will not score above 60% on metacritic and GameRankings, but people still will buy it for the legend that is Duke.

Duke is the definition of alpha male.


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