Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch was a bit deceiving to me. I had only seen the poster for it as I hate trailers due to their spoiler and fake “cool moments” that they display. So I went in thinking that Sucker Punch would be straight-up action and nothing else. Oh my, oh my, was I wrong. There’s so much more to it.

Sucker Punch is a story about a damaged girl. More, I cannot say as it would be spoilers and it’s best to experience everything about this movie for yourself. What I can tell you though, is that the art style is very dark and serious just as is the story. There is action, no doubt. And you will most likely be amazed by some of it as was I. The posters are true when you see a bunch of vixen with big guns and swords, you will get to see that as well, but maybe not in the sense you thought.

Overall Sucker Punch is a complicated movie with a message. It consists of a great cast with great acting and excellent production values. The special effects weren’t the best, but they are more than passable though. If you’re looking for some great action moments tangled into a deep and serious storyline look no further than to Sucker Punch. It will deliver exactly those things and probably have you thinking at the end of it, feeling the need to discuss it with your friends about what you think happened. One of the great surprises of the year no doubt.

Rating: 4  out of 5

Innocent blondes with serious firepower are here.


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