Best Free 2 Play games

There are plenty of free games out there, or free to play (F2P). But let’s all be honest, most of the suck. Real hard and deep. All the way down to the throat. I have picked my three favorites and they are quite strong.

3. Battlefield: Heroes

This third-person shooter is a lot of fun with friends and allows users that play entirely for free (not purchasing items for real money in-game) a little chance at least. If you play a lot you will be able to rent powerful weapons and dominate. I played this game for roughly three hours and had a lot fun doing it. Although I probably won’t ever touch it again, it’s definitely worth your time if you’re looking for change.

2. Age of Conan

Ah, one of the first M-rated MMORPG:s with nudity and a lot of blood. It has a lot of depth in the early stages and relatively good graphics. If you’re looking for something other than World of Warcraft you should definitely give Conan a shot as it has gone F2P finally.

1. Team Fortress 2

The undisputed king of Free 2 Play is without a doubt, Team Fortress 2. ¬†This brilliant class-based shooter takes all the triumphs and awards. No other F2P game has kept me coming back this often and has kept me playing for this long. A pure masterpiece of a shooter that will last for over 1000 hours easily if you find shooters enjoyable and online competition fun. The micro transactions aren’t affecting the game that much and are mostly used “just for looks” and have an minimal impact on gameplay therefore making this the most fair F2P game out there. If you only plan on playing on F2P game, make sure it’s Team Fortress 2. Valve does not disappoint with this one.

King of all F2P games.


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