Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans

Rashad Evan’s decision to wait for a title shot has been a huge waiting disaster. Rua got injured. Evans got injured. Jones got injured. And now Davis got injured. Yes, it seems that these tough fighters can’t protect themselves from injuries outside the octagon at all. So who’s Rashad finally fighting in three weeks? Tito Ortiz.

Tito Ortiz had not won a fight in five years and was in and out of the UFC much like American soldiers were on Asian hookers during the war. Ryan Bader asked for Tito and he got him. Tito had to win this match in order to stay employed. Nobody believed he could beat the top Light Heavyweight prosect, Ryan “Darth” Bader, but Tito not only beat him, he did so in impressive fashion and is now one win away from a title shot. Impressive turn of events? Indeed.

Even though Davis vs. Evans would have been an incredibly interesting match-up, this one is as well. Is Tito Ortiz reborn? A new man? The old master of G&P? We will see at UFC 133 when he takes on Suga Rashad Evans.

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.


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