Perfect tens

There are a lot of nice games coming out this year. Around 20 maybe, I’d say. But the number of those that are potential 10/10 is significantly lower than that. Here are some of the ones that I believe have the potential to be that perfect match for you.

Rage, Id Software

Coming out for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 this beast promises to be the “best looking console game ever” and runs at an impressive 60 FPS. Hardcore gamers know of course, that if this game will be that good-looking on the console, it will be even more unreal on the PC. Rage looks to be a relatively fresh breeze in the FPS genre with focus on vehicle racing in multiplayer and like I said, fantastic graphics and soundeffects. If Id Software truly work hard on the multiplayer and make it stern, stern but fair, I have no doubt this game will be a blast. Here’s hoping that we finally get a decent FPS with amazing vehicle combat online.

Dark Souls, From Software

The sequel to one of the toughest games to ever hit mankind will be even harder than its predecessor. Sounds good, right? Add improved graphics, co-op gameplay, and so much more and you begin to see why this game has a lot of potential to clinch that magic ten points on my review scale. Just the thought of running around being a Knight and slaying monsters, dragons and invading other people’s games with my friends is getting me hard. I have no doubt that Dark Souls will be one of my most played games on the Xbox 360 this year.

Battlefield 3, DICE

Though Rage might be a graphical beast on the consoles and the PC as well, Battlefield 3 looks like the graphic king. It is without a doubt the best-looking game that I have seen in my life. Add to that that it will support an impressive number of 64 players online and have that world-class Battlefield online quality to it. Real authentic weapon sounds and a deep and engrossing singleplayer campaign and Battlefield 3’s greatness is obvious. Modern Warfare 3 honestly looks like shit compared to this behemoth and it is undoubtedly my most anticipated game of the year, that is, unless Diablo III gets confirmed for this year. I would be shocked if it turns out that Battlefield 3 doesn’t become my most played game of the year and crowned Game of the Year.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Eidos

It certainly looks like Deus Ex franchise is back and stronger than ever. Impressive graphics, gameplay, and a lot of cyber goodness is packed into this baby and it will be interesting to see what it feels like being a badass in the future feels like. Players looking for that complete singleplayer experience with stealth or guns blazing will get their fix in Human Revolution and the amount of detail they put into this game to make it feel like a real world in the future is amazing. You bet your ass that I will be playing this game.


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