Nintendo screwed up

Yesterday Nintendo announced a massive 40% price cut on their newest handheld gaming console Nintendo 3DS. Just a few months after its release. Nintendo, the company that held the launch price on their other console, the Wii, longer than any other console. A company that is alone with selling their consoles and make profit from day one.  Yes, Nintendo, and they have screwed up.

The sales of the 3DS are poor and not impressive at all. As I predicted in my blog post previously. I cited poor naming, smartphones, and a very high price as the likeliness as to why the 3DS would fail and today Nintendo has confirmed my theory. They have cut the price of the 3DS by over 40% and are now selling it and losing money per sold unit for the first time.

The sales are so poor that it is outsold by the PSP. They are so poor that Nintendo has just after a few months of a brand new product, almost slashed the price in half and are losing money per sold unit. And in my opinion, they deserve this outcome. It was very easy to predict and with the games at over $40 each, the console is just a bank robber. It was priced at more than a PS3 and Xbox 360 with games costing almost as much.

It remains to be seen whether this huge price cut will help to revive the 3DS during Christmas season when sales are supposed to be higher than ever. Playstation Vita is coming out then to compete with it and with smartphones around, the handheld market is tougher than ever. A market that Nintendo has dominated without close competition since it started. But now, they’re struggling to keep that lead and they’re losing their grip quicker than ever.

A failure for Nintendo in every sense of the way.


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