Back in Azeroth…

… for ten days. Blizzard keeps insisting on getting my money again. They have done so since 2006 when I quit. They’ve probably offered me around 60 days worth of free game time by now. And this month they offered me another 10 days.

Cataclysm received some sort of big update a while ago and they’ve lost some subscribers and have started marketing their new dungeon and therefore gave me those ten days free trial and I took them. But I’m not going to use all of them.

I’ve now spent two days in Azeroth again. Not whole days,  not even close. Maybe totalting 3-4 hours in those two days. And they were terrible, terrible hours. The game is so flawed, so ruined and so casualized it almost made me cry. I mean, they’re actually marketing it with “PUG FRIENDLY RAIDS!” now. I couldn’t believe me eyes. World of Warcraft has become a pug raid items with big spikes and flames in different colors grind fest. And you know the worst part? All teenage noobs are happier than ever with their massive flying mounts all over Azeroth.

I can do nothing but mourn World of Warcraft which up until they decided to release The Burning Crusade and go RvR in PvP was the best game on the market for almost two years and my top three game ever in history. I had good times, but like I’ve said numerous times Blizzard: I will never come back.

It used to be good. Now, it’s terrible.


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One Response to “Back in Azeroth…”

  1. Peter Lloyd Says:

    I can agree to an extent with your opinions. Although I only started playing last December i find that the game has got to the point where it is child friendly to the point where there are no real challenges and there is no difficulty. I say this because during 2007 i watched a good friend of mine playing, it just took me a few years to finally play the game, the game difference over two expansions is appalling but i guess with changing times they have to pull something out in order to attract the younger generation.

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