World of Warcraft dying?

As you may know, Blizzard offered me yet another ten days to try to lure me back into WoW. But this time with a new improves trial. And I was a bit surprised about this improved trial to be honest, and that’s when I started doing some research about the current status of the world that is Warcraft.

Warcraft is dying. There’s no denying it. This year over 900,000 users cancelled their subscriptions and that’s a record high. They’re down to 11.1 million users which is a record low in recent years. Of course that’s under no circumstances a bad number, in fact, it’s a world record high still with no one being anywhere near to competing with it.

Does this worry Blizzard? No doubt. For the first time in almost seven years they’ve introduced Free 2 Play up to level 20. They’ve sent out massive trials. And if that’s not a sign that they are aware of what’s going on, I don’t know what is.

Does this mean the end? Of course not. Not even close. Most MMORPG:s dream of having 2 million users and consider that a success beyond their wildest dreams. But if this trend continues, and I believe it will as you can see in my criticism of the game, the world as we know it might end in maybe 10 years.

Do you the world is about to end or will it live on until 2030 or more?

How many users will  stop playing this when The Old Republic and Diablo III come out? I’ll be keeping statistics for sure at the end of 2012.

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