PAX does not impress

PAX has come to an end and unfortunately it did not have a big bang like Gamescom did. Not even close. But there were some nice things to be seen, but it was overall a very poor event.

Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet promised us three full PvP tournaments, they gave us one. Not even the full thing. And they showed us some nice PvP from different perspectives that got me thinking quite hard. Why would I, as a PvP:er, even bother to play PvE when none of my PvE items are usable in PvP and the level is scaled? Good question, right? No reason is what I came up with.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

We got some information regarding the new beta weekend. They’ll start September 2nd, and will be a more massive beta focus every weekend. BioWare are still ignoring their European market by making these invites U.S. only once more. What can you do? I guess the game will be more tailored towards the U.S. market which in my opinion is vastly inferior to the EU one. We saw this in Warhammer Online and other games as well. They did however promise that EU will receive beta opportunities in the future. Great. Other than that, they showed us open world PvP for one minute with a camera lens that was covered with sunglasses so the experience wasn’t every enjoyable or sufficient in my opinion.

And that’s pretty much everything interesting from PAX. Not much, I know. Disappointing event to say the least.


Charr Engineer impressed a lot during PAX 2011.


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