“Games are too expensive!”

It saddens me to see these statements. “Games are too expensive.” or “The $14.99 monthly fee for MMORPG:s is outrageous!” are really simple-minded statements with no thought process whatsoever.

Why am I talking about this now? Well, because I read about it in the The Old Republic forums and it got me thinking. It also got me angry, but I realized that it’d be a suitable topic for my blog.

Let’s look at the numbers, shall we?

  • $49.99 – 59.99 + tax for the game with 30 days playtime included
  • $14.99 monthly cost

So let’s say that the initial cost is $75 plus roughly 7-10% tax in the United States and that gives you 60 days of unlimited access to the game servers and the game itself, of course. Now keep in mind that not all players play like this, but some do: ten hours per day for 60 days is 600 hours of entertainment for roughly $75. Of course only the extreme hardcore gamer devotes this amount. But even if we cut the playtime to 2 hours per day it far exceeds all others examples below. Now you want to go see a movie that’s over $12 for less than two hours. And with that you’ll want popcorn which is an additional $12, if not more depending on what you get. Of course you don’t have to get treats, but still, most people do. A lot of people go out to clubs and restaurant and spend way over $100 in one night or one dinner which lasts anywhere between 2-9 hours. Already there we have exceed the cost of the video game by a large percentage and only reached 1% of the entertainment time. Still think games are expensive? Think again.

Let’s take Star Wars: The Old Republic as an example. The development cost is estimated between $150-200 million. That’s no little sum of money. Add to that that EA/BioWare will need to pay employees to be available 24:7 with in-game support and phone support as well. Add to that having a massive amount of servers up and running online all the time which certainly isn’t free. Still think it’s expensive?

Naturally the formula doesn’t only apply for MMORPG:s, but regular console games as well. There we have $59.99 + tax but no monthly fee. Let’s say you buy Call of Duty which you can game online for months and months and hour on hour daily. Not really expensive is it now? So stop being cheap and face facts: games are more fairly priced than a vast majority of products and other entertainment media.

What do you think? Do you think that video games are too expensive and should be cheaper? Or should they be more expensive?

Eating a family dinner for 1 hour is more expensive than 600 hours (or more) of gaming goodness.


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2 Responses to ““Games are too expensive!””

  1. realgdman4u Says:

    Games (like any hobby) are expensive to a point.

    Personally, I agree with you. There are so many things that cost more than the initial start up and monthly fee associated with MMORPGs.

    I enjoy photography which is really expensive. I like football too. The jerseys I love to wear and related snacks spent per game isn’t cheap!

    But mostly, I love World of Warcraft. Am I hardcore? Not really, but I do play a lot! I gladly pay the monthly fee to play, cause I like and want the game. I may briefly try another game here and there, but WoW is my cup of tea for now.

    I also have a job, house, wife and family and still manage to maintain it all monthly, yearly, etc. You budget for what you want and if your budget changes, you change what you keep. Hopefully you can keep something you want ALONG with the stuff you need.

    Oh, and I have three (3) WoW accounts! I like to dabble in multiboxing! 🙂

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