Voice over, important?

When BioWare announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic would be the first fully voiced MMO my first thought was: so what? Like I care about that? But after having watched countless of hours of gameplay videos and walkthroughs, I cannot expect anything less than a fully voiced MMO.

What am I talking about? Well, I went back to Azeroth with that free trial again, and I couldn’t care less about the quests I was doing as they weren’t voiced. I didn’t read them and just instantly clicked accept and went on to slay x amounts of monsters or collected x amounts of items. I tried Champions Online for around 30 minutes and it was the exact same deal there. Immediately accepted the quest with zero immersion and I got bored immediately.

When I watched the developer walkthrough of the starting area in The Old Republic, I actually listened to what the quest giver said and develop something more than just the urge to spam “accept” and be on my way. Very interesting and very nicely done BioWare. I realized by being a story-driven MMO along side with over 900 voice actors, The Old Republic actually will standout compared to what’s out there in the market. Which is very good. This makes the world feel more personable and interesting. I mean, who’s interested in a orc who only grunts something and then you have to read to get somewhere? Not me, that’s for sure.

There’s no doubt that The Old Republic is growing on me each day and my hype just gets bigger. Expect to find me there on day one as I already have pre-ordered the game and will begin playing with early game access. And yes, I will launch a guild in The Old Republic with allegiance to the Galatic Republic on a PvP server in Europe.

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One Response to “Voice over, important?”

  1. anexxia Says:

    The SWTOR anticipation is killing me. And I am right there with you regarding how its NPC voiceovers will set a new standard for our questing expectations in games. I am sure most of us can’t count how many times we’ve hit accept without even doing a cursory read through of a quest (especially on alt #3.)

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