Diaz out, Condit in.

Wow… I don’t know where to start… The most anticipated fight in welterweight history is not happening. Sucks? Indeed.

Diaz decided not to show up for a third press conference and that was it for Dana White. He cut Diaz from the card and instead gives the opportunity to the rising star Carlos Condit. 

In my eyes, this severely damages the card. Nick Diaz is the most promising fighter to challenge Georges St-Pierre in a long time and not it won’t happen. The former Strikeforce champion has replied with a YouTube video saying that he happened to missed the “pageant show” but that he never misses a fight. This is the first we’ve heard from him after he went MIA.

Obviously this behavior is highly immature and amateur-like. It also shows lack of respect to GSP and the UFC. Even though I fully understand the decision to cut Diaz I am still baffled and would have loved to see him fight. Although I would tell him to expect a 50-60% pay cut for his behavior. How about you? What do you think will have to Diaz now?

This is probably how Diaz will look now when he sees his next paycheck. 


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