Impressions: Battlefield 3 beta

My hype was enormous. And I must say, I am disappointed. Very, very disappointed. In fact, Battlefield 3 may not even by my first video game purchase in over a year any more. Why? Stay a while and listen.

Origin Client Requirement

You are required to use EA’s Origin client, which is their digital store and game client. Everything runs through it. Now, if this software was smooth and bug free, I wouldn’t have many issues with it. But this client is so flawed in many ways. Its friend system is separate from the one in Battlefield 3, so there isn’t really a point in adding friends through it as you can’t join their games through Origin. I hope this is fixed as soon as possible and a more stable release of Origin comes out.

The worst server-finding system in history of video games

Now this is the biggest flaw that Battlefield 3 has. In order for you to find a server, you open the game through Origin and launch it. Now, every other developer in the world would make the game appear, but DICE has chosen not to do so. Instead, your web browser. Yes, web browser opens, in my case Chrome, and you have to install a third plugin, and find games from there. In the beta only the quick match multiplayer is available, which barely works, but there’s also an option for the Campaign and Co-op. So that means that this will be it, more or less. You will have to run your game through your browser on the BattleLog website of Battlefield 3. The most retarded thing that I have ever seen and it’s a huge hassle. I personally guarantee that if this is how it will be in the final retail box, I am not buying the game. I will not accept something as shitty and worthless as that.

Many bugs, many problems, and no time

For some reason DICE release a beta that feels almost like an Alpha at the end of September. Precisely one month before the actual release of the game. That means that they have at a maximum maybe 2 weeks to implement the data in the game and perfect it. Highly unlikely considering that they have to print up physical copies of the game before October 27 and ship them all over the world and millions of them. Fixing the bugs and perfecting the game will take time, and so will the printing copies do as well. Why even bother have a beta this late? DICE, you disappoint me once more.

No wallbangs

Still, you can’t shoot through some glass advertisements as you would in reality. Really, it’s 2011. What’s up with that morons?

Most impressive rage-quit system

You can only quit once you’ve respawned and the round is on its way. You cannot quit immediately and should allow some cool-down for raging people to stay. Maybe.

Most idiotic option system

You can only change your options and settings when alive. Seriously: What. The. Fuck.

Best sprinting system in the world

Finally, someone realized that professional marines can sprint for more than 5 seconds. Thank you, DICE. They have unlimited sprint. About time someone got their head out of their ass.

With so many flaws, and annoying factors, I begin to see why I always picked Counter-Strike over Battlefield. I hope that DICE will fix some of these, in reality, the only one stopping me from buying the game is the server browsing system through my Internet browser. It’s pathetic and idiotic and I would really want to smack the person who came up with it, with a rotten fish.

One of the worst betas ever. Can the final product be saved in so little time?



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One Response to “Impressions: Battlefield 3 beta”

  1. CrazyBest Says:

    Looks like the Battlelog is there to stay for singleplayer as well in the retail version. Damn shame.

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