Updated Battlefield 3 Beta Impressions

Okay. Now I’ve spent roughly eight more hours with the Battlefield 3 beta since last time and it’s progressively getting better and better in terms of not crashing and actually working. And I’ll admit, my first post was somewhat fast after only two hours with several problems and frustrations from both Battlelog and the game itself.

Some new information has surfaced that has brought some light over my previous dark post. The build that we are all playing is apparently over 3 months old. Which means that DICE has had more than three months to work and polish the experience that is the Battlefield 3 beta. They have already released a list of numerous fixes and improvements to the game based on beta feedback and are working overtime and weekend to implement fixes and perfect the game.  Sounds very good and makes me happy. They also said that every single bug in the beta is fixed for the final version of the game.

Battlelog is still the most retarded server browsing system ever  in my eyes.  They want you to check your friends progress, status, and awards through your smartphone or computer without launching the game and think it will be better this way than to do it in-game. On the train. On the plane, etc. Yesterday it actually worked 75% of the time and that’s significantly better than the previous 0%. Besides, Battlelog is still in beta as well and will get fixes and improvements as well. But if Battlelog starts working better than it did yesterday in the beta, I can overlook the the Battlelog and buy my first game in over 13 months.

Like I said, after my initial bashing, and to some extent, praising post of the Battlefield 3 beta, I played for eight hours with three of my friends and we had a blast. The game feels more serious and realistic than Call of Duty and it offers a wider challenge which makes this so much more enjoyable than just the brain dead rush forward like you see in Call of Duty.

Taking into account that the beta is three months old and all bugs within it are fixed, plus a list of improvements and fixes are already patched based on beta-feedback after only three days,  I think that in the next coming week and a half, DICE will have time to make this a polished experience that will destroy all competitors and end the console era once and for all.

In other words, expect to see me on the battlefield on launch day. 

The console era is about to come to an end. Thank you, DICE.


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