Are girls nerds?

Girls are never branded as geeks/nerds or farmers when they game. Only guys are. Girls are instead labeled “Girl Gamers” and we all think that’s extremely hot. But, in reality, I noticed that most girls are monotonous grinders also known as “farmers”. And that’s borderline sad if you look at how they look on guys who play a lot of video games.

Let me define what a farmer is in the gaming world. A farmer is someone who does the same thing over and over and sometimes sells it for profit. But this principle can be applied to non-selling players also, with the monotonous grind being the key factor. You repeat the basic same brain-dead thing over and over again in a game.

In the gaming world, farmers have somewhat a bad reputation. It’s something that’s considered to be only existent amongst hardcore gamers and those extremely dedicated ones that like doing it. Koreans are branded with the farmer stamp and so are the Chinese gamers. They think it’s fun to grind for 300 hours, whilst in Europe and USA the market hates it and immediately quits if a game is like that. But not if we look at the Western girl gaming scene.

So what am I talking about? There are no girl gamers that are farmers, right? Hear me out. There’s one key contributing factor that girls are probably in close numbers with boys in terms of being farmers in the Western market, if not having already surpassed them. And that reason is none other than Facebook.

Girls spend all day on Facebook playing stupid monotonous grind games. You’ve all probably seen them spamming your wall, their wall, and their friends walls with annoying requests “Girl needs 2 more plants” and thousands more. One of these games is Farmville. It’s a primitive flash game where you do the same boring dull task over and over again. You fix the crops, feed the animals etc and repeat it for hours. For some reason girls have the audacity to call guys losers for playing games like World of Warcraft, a game with depth, story, skill, and quality, while they’re wasting their time on shit like Farmville, Cityville, Backyarn, etc? To me, it’s unbelievable. Girls are even worse than nerds.

It’s a scenario unlike any before. Girls are actually no longer “non-nerds” in my eyes. In fact, a lot of girls now, are according to the definition, just as nerdy/geeky as those cliche guys. With the Facebook trend, and the games on Facebook, girls have become increasingly more geeky and gamer-like. Sure, it’s more in the social/casual aspect of the gaming world, but it’s gaming nonetheless. They spend easily over 15-25 hours per week on Facebook and that amounts to a relatively high number in terms of gaming for the average adult gamer, and they definitely exceed a large number of guy gamers on weekly basis.

So what’s my point? I don’t know actually. Maybe that the terms nerd/geek should be broadened and not just used for guys with glasses and acne. It’s time to realize that girls are just as nerdy and play just as much, if not more and are worse. A true gamer guy is never going to waste his time on poor quality games like the ones available on Facebook, but girls are. So maybe that says a lot about the quality of the gamers? That guys prefer high quality and advanced graphics while girls will settle for primitive web browser gaming coded in flash. Perhaps, they should be exclusively considered geeks for wasting their time on shit like that? Instead of those poor guys being laughed at for liking Night Elfs and Orcs? What’s worse, spending ten hours killing Orcs or spending ten hours fixing fake crops?

Bottom line is: yes, girls are just as nerdy as the Dungeons & Dragons geeks that roleplay. The only question is: which is more fun? Killing dragons and raiding dungeons or feeding cows?

“Oh my god, he’s such a nerd. Wait, let me check my Farmville crops real fast.” Really?


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