Where’s the love for consoles?

A lot of you have been noticing the absence of console games. And yeah, that’s a keen observation. Let me fill y’all in on that one.

I’ve retired my Xbox 360. I no longer have the time to play on it, nor do I find singleplayer games exciting anymore. And with the coming PC games such as Battlefield 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Diablo III and more, I see no point in keeping my 360 employed.

So don’t expect to read much more about the console world on my blog anymore. The focus will be on the few PC games that I pick up, and maybe some general info about the consoles such as rumors and news about the next generation. I had a good five-year spell with the Xbox 360 while the PC was dead. Now, school has taken over and the PC games will be vastly superior and therefore I must prioritize the PC over the Xbox 360. That’s the situation.

Time to say goodbye.


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2 Responses to “Where’s the love for consoles?”

  1. Eusen Says:

    This is a great game in its original state but love this Star Wars Trouble.

  2. visualcz Says:

    I don’t like consoles at all, pc is like only choice for me…

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