Why AMD’s failure is dangerous

Recently the NDA on AMD’s next generation processor for endusers, such as myself and many like you, was lifted and the results were extremely poor and disappointing. While the Intel fanboys such as myself cheered out and laughed at the poor stubborn AMD fanboys, this is nothing to celebrate. Even for us Intel supporters.

Why is this you ask? Well, it’s simple. If AMD continues to underperform like this more and more people will jump on the Intel bandwagon. A wagon that carries over 80% of the CPU market. So it’s basically 80% Intel and 20% AMD out there and AMD are the only ones competing with Intel more or less. The only ones pressuring Intel to lower their prices, put out innovative products, and push themselves to be better than AMD. If AMD keeps losing ground, which it definitely will with this poor Bulldozer processor, Intel will be nearing a monopoly and will most likely start overcharging significantly for their products.

In that case, only millionaires and big corporations won’t feel the effects. But you and me, will. Without AMD, what’s stopping Intel from charging $500 for their Core i7? Nothing. I sure hope that AMD will pulloff some kind of 180 turn next year and launch a competitive product like the AMD Phenom X4 was for the first generation Core i5, even though it was inferior, it was still close and cheaper and attracted a relatively big market which I am sure that Bulldozer will not succeed with doing.

Competition is key and vital to our satisfaction. The way Intel’s processors are performing is not only Intel’s credit, but also AMD for forcing them to include more things within them. Maybe their boosting technology would have been left out if AMD didn’t have their processors out? Maybe we wouldn’t see that technology until perhaps Sandy Bridge-E? What can AMD do with a smaller budget, smaller income, smaller resources, smaller research capabilities? I don’t know. But for certain they have to do something new and big, because the end of AMD would not be good for you and me. That’s for certain.

If AMD goes bankrupt we would see Intel’s true colors.


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